214 arrested in ‘Operation Bluff City Blues’

JACKSON, Tenn.–“These 214 people who are now in custody represent the worst of the worst,” said U.S. Attorney of the Western District of Tennessee, Michael Dunavant.

Over a two week combined law enforcement operation, federal agents arrested many people on criminal charges.

Thirty-six of the 214 are arrested in Jackson. Among the charges are homicide, aggravated assault and drug distribution.

Dunavant said ‘Operation Bluff City Blues’ also rounded up drugs and weapons.

“Local and state partners also seized a total of 28 firearms, approximately 771.9 grams of marijuana, cocaine, heroin and crack, $17,240 in U.S. currency, as well as the recovery of four stolen vehicles,” said Dunavant.

The U.S Marshal Service Deputy Commander Mike Quarles said ‘Operation Bluff City Blues’ is one of more than 100 operations nationwide launched to catch violent fugitives.

“It’s the template that the U.S Marshal Service uses known as ‘Operation Washout,'” Quarles said.

“214 violent felony warrants were served, 214 bad guys, worst of the worst were taken into custody, with no incident, no shots fired, no injuries occurred,” Dunavant said.

Dunavant said he wants these arrests to show West Tennesseans their safety and security are top priorities.

He also has a warning for fugitives.

“If you’re a drug dealer, you’re a gang banger, you’re a trigger puller, you’re a violent criminal on our street, you can’t hide,” Dunavant said.

Thirteen different agencies participated in ‘Operation Bluff City Blues’ including the Jackson Police Department and the Madison County Sheriff’s Office.

Dunavant said there will be future arrests as federal agents continue to dismantle criminal organizations in West Tennessee.

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