Madison Co. Fire Dept. investigates multiple fires in same area

MADISON COUNTY, Tenn. — Fire officials are now asking for the public’s help after responding to several fires in the same location.

Officials with the Madison County Fire Department say they are now too familiar with the Mack Street area. They say fires are being set without supervision and could be extremely dangerous.

“The call [Thursday] makes actually the fifth call that we’ve made out to that area,” Madison County Fire Marshal Don Friddle said.

Friddle says the amount of time spent at this location takes away from other emergencies.

“We spend a lot of time and a lot of resources controlling the fire and trying to make sure that it doesn’t spread to the neighboring woods,” Friddle said.

The fire marshal says the fire Thursday was about 30 feet wide and took about an hour to extinguish.

“We don’t know if these fires are being intentionally set by kids playing in the neighborhood or somebody trying to get rid of the rubbish. We don’t know exactly what’s going on,” Friddle said.

Friddle says there could be serious consequences for anyone starting these fires for fun.

“We would consider that a reckless burning charge,” he said.

Fire officials say these fires are not harmless and could affect an entire community.

“The smoke, it’s in the neighborhood. It’s a health issue to the neighbors. So it’s not just something that’s not going to harm somebody — this has the potential to be dangerous,” Friddle said.

Friddle says open burning is allowed in Madison County with a burn permit, but it has to be done safely.

The Madison County Fire Department asks anyone with information on the fires to call them at 731-424-5577.

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