Local restaurant makes lunch deliveries to honor first responders

JACKSON, Tenn. — Labor Day is a time where many are able to enjoy a day off with family and friends, but for many first responders the holiday is spent at work. That’s where Olive Garden steps in.

Every year, Olive Garden restaurants nationwide deliver lunch to first responders to honor all the hard work they do in the community.

“It’s a great feeling. I absolutely love the fact that we do as much as we can for our community,” Aaron Lancaster, Jackson’s Olive Garden General Manager, said.

Lancaster says this is their 18th year making the deliveries.

“We love being able to take are of our first responders, especially they take care of us day in and day out everyday,” Lancaster said. “So on Labor Day, we definitely try to do our part and give back to our community and make sure we can really take care of them.”

And even though some first responders feel like it’s their duty to serve the community, they were still thankful.

“It was great of them to think of us on this holiday,” said Jackson Fire Department firefighter Larry Triplett. “I know many people are off to be with their families and, you know, we have to be here to continue to serve the city.”

The restaurant even brought in some of their classic dishes.

“We actually brought what we call our pasta station,” Lancaster said. “You get two different pastas, you get three different proteins, three different sauces, salad and our lovely bread sticks.”

“My first plate is gone ’cause it was good,” Triplett said.

Many of our responders can agree though that although they are away from their families, they have their other family at work, with plenty of food to go around for them to enjoy together.

“It’s something they didn’t have to do but they chose to do it, so we appreciate that and want to thank them, well we can’t thank them enough,” Triplett said.

Since 2002, Olive Garden has served more than 14,000 meals to first responders nationwide.

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