4-H Chicken Shack returns for 57th year at West TN State Fair

JACKSON, Tenn.–It’s that time of year again!! Time for the 4-H Chicken Shack at the West Tennessee State Fair.

The Chicken Shack first opened in 1962 as a way to fund trips, scholarships, trophies, awards for the 4-H program in Madison County.
Every year they have more than 100 volunteers at the fair to help cook chicken, put up tents, take out trash and more..

The Chicken Shack has a pit boss and 4-H students work there.

“You know people ask me why you keep doing this and I don’t know better I grew up in it, so its something I just like to keep doing.
And of course it helps the 4-Hers which also helps the community that we are in,” said Harold Cothran, Pit Boss for the 4-H Chicken Shack.

The 4-H Chicken Shack will be open beginning Tuesday, Sept. 10 through Sept. 14. They have smoked chicken, pork chops and home-made desserts.

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