Gibson County Fairgrounds hosts ‘Ag Day’ for students

TRENTON, Tenn. — Almost 500 Gibson County students will go to the Gibson County Fairgrounds for the Farm Bureau Soil Conservation District Ag Day, where organizers say they want to show students just how important agriculture is in their lives.

“We want the students to know what is grown in their county and to learn more about it,” said Joetta White, UT-TSU Extension Area Specialist for the Western Region.

“It’s kind of dying in today’s culture with how kids are being brought up, but our school has really gotten more involved in it,” said Gibson County High School student Hailie Murray, who helped run a booth about goats. “Trying to get kids, as you see here today, and bringing us out here.”

“Without agriculture, we wouldn’t have the food to eat or clothes to wear or even toothpaste,” White said.

For many students, this is their first introduction to ideas like soil conservation, dairy production and livestock management.

“They’ll learn the parts of a goat, the cuts of the meat, how important dairy goats and meat goats are to our culture and our society as a whole,” Murray said.

White says she hopes Ag Day isn’t just educational but could also show kids a new career path.

“There are lots of careers related to agriculture, and it might be something they might be interested in in the future,” White said.

“If you like your job, you will never work a day in your life. That’s what I like to pass along,” said Mindie Harrison, a horse trainer at the event.

Some of Wednesday’s demonstrations included how to survey land and how to milk a cow.

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