Tennessee Education Lottery Educator of the Week: Tanya Pierce

BOLIVAR, Tenn. — This week’s Educator of the Week presented by the Tennessee Education Lottery teaches at Bolivar Elementary School.

Tanya Pierce always knew what she wanted to be growing up — a teacher. The fifth grade teacher had taught in Jackson for a few years before ending up where she felt she was called to.

“I said I would go wherever the Lord had led me, and he’s led me here in Bolivar, and this has become my home and I enjoy it,” Pierce said.

She is entering her eighth year, and it’s something she is truly thankful for, especially after being diagnosed with cancer late last year, which put her career on hold.

Pierce’s fight through it is the example she wants to be for her students to let them know to never give up.

“We’ve always faced obstacles. We’ve overcome those obstacles for the better, and that’s what I want them to see, and that you can be anything that you want to be and you can conquer anything,” Pierce said.

Her goal as a teacher is to continue to help students realize their potential and continue to lead them on that path.

“It’s not all around just learning. It’s also about themselves and who they are and who they want to be,” she said.

Although Pierce will continue to fight her own battles, she’s happy to do it with her students by her side.

“They need me and I’m better with them,” Pierce said. “But this is my life. This is my story.”

Pierce will now be eligible for the statewide Tennessee Education Lottery Educator of the Month award. Starting in October, to vote for her or any of the other nominees, visit their website.

To nominate a teacher for our weekly award, email us at educator@wbbjtv.com.

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