Local church holds service for hometown heroes

JACKSON, Tenn. – A special service was held Sunday morning at the Gospel Light Baptist Church in Jackson to honor our local first responders.

“Many times they are put in situations where there is not much honor or gratitude shown towards them but we want to show our gratitude to their service,” said Pastor Wade Cash.

The church dedicated their Sunday services to the men and women who protect our city, state and country. Law enforcement and first responders killed in the line of duty were also recognized at the service. One of those recognized at the service was Tennessee Highway Patrol trooper Matthew Gatti. Gatti was killed in a crash on Interstate-40 on May 6th.

“It’s a mixture of emotions of excitement of the legacy that my son leaves behind and the fact that when he was alive and with us we prayed for him and for all of his coworkers and people that he interacted with on a day by day basis,” said Chris Gatti, Matthew’s father.

The church celebrated with music, fellowship and joining in prayer.

“It’s always nice when the community invites you out to honor our first responders so many times we see people on their worst days so it’s nice to be able to come out on a joyful day and beautiful weather and be honored by such a nice group of people,” said fire chief Eric Turner with the Madison County Fire Department.

“Teaching folks the importance of being a first responder, of actually caring and going over and beyond the call of duty if you will, which is what these folks do everyday and just caring about others and then it is a time for us to show some gratitude and just to say thank you,” said Cash.

Church members say this is their 3rd annual hometown hero service.

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