Judges score creations for RIFA’s Canstruction 2019

JACKSON, Tenn. — More than 40,000 pounds of food was donated to Regional Inter-Faith Association for this year’s Canstruction competition, and the structures showed it.

“They continue to improve each year. We’ve had some very simple structures in the past. Now they are getting bigger, more movement, curves, all sorts of things,” judge Sammy West said.

As the judges walked around the Carl Perkins Civic Center, they pointed out what made these sculptures so impressive.

“The labels of the canned goods really fit together to create one big image,” judge Melinda Reid said.

“We don’t have a lot of 10-foot-tall structures every year, and there were several stretching that 10-foot limit,” West said.

“The balancing act of all of the cans, it’s just really hard to wrap your head around. But it works, and it’s really impressive,” Reid said.

The judges scored in multiple categories, but the decision wasn’t easy.

“They’re all good,” West said. “A lot of ingenuity, a lot of engineering, just a lot of cans.”

But there were only nine awards.

“We wish we had a few more awards to give out, but that’s always really tough. All of the teams just really knocked it out of the park,” Reid said.

The awards ceremony is at 7 p.m. Thursday. The comedian Chonda Pierce will perform.

Balcony tickets are still available. Visit RIFA’s website for more information.

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