Park officials, volunteers team up to keep Chickasaw State Park clean

HARDEMAN COUNTY, Tenn. — Wednesday was all about cleaning up at Lake LaJoie in Chickasaw State Park.

Volunteers and park officials put on their gloves, gassed up their tools and headed into the woods to start the process.

“It helps us be in touch with the parks. It helps the parks. They don’t always have the help they need,” said Rudy Collins, volunteer and regional director of external affairs for the Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation.

One group was led by a park official cutting away bigger logs and limbs. Volunteers then came behind with weed eaters and leaf blowers, making it safe to walk.

Another group installed small bridges over marshier areas to make it safer to walk through.

If you didn’t make it out to the volunteer day, there’s still ways you can help if you’re ever out on the trails.

“A great help when you are hiking the trails and see something out there, it’s a simple thing to pick it up and bring it back with you. We’ve got plenty of garbage and recycle cans around to help keep the trails cleaned up,” said Ron Elder, park manager at Chickasaw State Park.

“We hope to leave the park better than we found it by helping to maintain the trails and making it accessible to the public and to enhance their experience,” Collins said.

Wednesday’s event was a part of the Keep Tennessee Beautiful campaign.

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