Scotts Hill to install new storm siren

SCOTTS HILL, Tenn. — One West Tennessee town is making updates to their safety equipment.

Soon, the town of Scotts Hill in Henderson County will have a brand new storm siren.

The siren will have an effective range of at least two miles. The project is no small feat.

The siren will be 60 feet up in the air, and the city expects it to be up in two weeks.

According to Henderson County Emergency Management Director Drew Cook, the old siren was outdated and harder to activate.

“The old way of activating the sirens, you actually had to go to the tower site. This one can be done remotely from anywhere, which will save time and give a better warning for the people that live there,” Cook said.

The new siren costs the city around $24,000.

Cook says the county only has two sirens, so they use a mix of their Code RED mobile alert system and the sirens to notify residents in an emergency.

“It’s — [Code RED] — completely free. It will send you a text message, send you a phone call, if it’s for a flash flood warning, thunderstorm warning or tornado warning,” Cook said.

The old siren is expected to be donated to the town of Sardis in Henderson County.

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