Union University hosts hundreds of families for family weekend

JACKSON, Tenn. — At Union University, it’s family weekend.

One parent was visiting family in his home state of Kentucky, and made the trip to visit his daughter Katherine, who’s a freshman.

“I was coming in to see my mother anyway. My family and I live overseas, and I flew from the country of Malta,” Katherine’s father, Earl Pinkston, said.

One family drove in from Spring Hill, a town near Nashville, to visit their daughter who is a freshman nursing student.

“It’s an adjustment with her being out of the house, so we’re looking forward to spend some time with her,” parent Jeff Smothermon said.

Another family came from England to visit their daughter, Erin, who is studying international business and plays soccer for Union.

“Erin is from Derby, originally. That’s where we’ve come from to attend family weekend this weekend,” Erin’s mother, Kim Keely, said.

“It took us about a day to get here,” Erin’s father, Gary Crew, said.

One freshman nursing student is excited that her family is in town.

“They actually live in Thailand, but they’ve been here for a couple of months and they’re visiting in Jackson for family weekend,” student Abby Bowman said. “My sisters came to school here too, so they’ve been here for a couple of family weekends, but it’s cool to get to show them my new home for the next few years.”

Families are excited to see their students.

“When she’s four and a half thousand miles away, it’s not like you can just get on a train for a couple of hours to see her,” Crew said.

They say they are also excited for their students’ college experiences.

“I’m excited for Katherine to experience campus life, because not only does education happen in the classroom, but I feel like it also happens in the community,” Pinkston said.

Family weekend runs through Sunday and has events for everyone to participate in as a family.

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