Churches of Christ prepare donations for Nicaragua Christian School

JACKSON, Tenn. — West Tennesseans are helping children thousands of miles away have a merry Christmas.

There are hundreds of washers, dryers and stoves in a warehouse, but 20 of the pallets are on a very special mission. The boxes on those pallets are holding something special: Christmas boxes.

Dave McCrary, president of the Nicaragua Christian School, says there are 2,070 in the shipping boxes.

Several Churches of Christ across West Tennessee have been taking up donations all year for the Christmas boxes.

There are also 3,000 pieces of clothing stuffed in the boxes as well.

“These clothes help protect the Christmas boxes, and it provides double duty and provides clothing there for them too,” McCrary said.

With the help of Mission Para Cristo and the Nicaragua Christian School, the Christmas boxes will be distributed to kids in need.

There are also $3,000 worth of school supplies being shipped to make sure the students have everything they need.

“Parents have to decide, ‘When I go to the grocery store, do I buy rice and beans for us to have something to eat, or do I buy paper for my child to have at school,'” McCrary said.

He says for most of these kids, it will be the only thing they open on Christmas.

Those boxes will be shipped out later this week to make sure the kids have a great Christmas.

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