UT Extension holds fall plant sale

JACKSON, Tenn. — Trees, flowers and other pretty plants filled displays in west Jackson on Thursday.

“We have lots of options for woody plants, things that will do well when planted in the fall,” said Madison County UT Extension Agent Celeste Scott.

The UT Extension hosted their fall plant sale Thursday, featuring many types of plants for purchase.

Fayette County master gardener Mayme Bizzell says she’s looking for an interesting addition to her garden.

“I’ve always been interested in flowers and plants and growing things. This is very interesting, and I love that they’re doing it with the extension office here,” Bizzell said.

The plant sale also featured gardening presentations from Dr. Michael Dirr, professor of horticulture at the University of Georgia.

“I’m interested in just how to manage smaller plants, like azaleas, and I have lots of camellias in my yard,” Bizzell said.

“Education is always the main drive behind extension work. We are trying to get information out to the public, information that they want and need,” Scott said.

Gardeners say that their favorite part of the plant sale is not only seeing all of the plants to choose from, but meeting with other gardeners.

“It’s always interesting to see other gardeners, where they all came from, and what they’re doing. You’d be surprised at how much people love gardening,” Bizzell said.

Proceeds from the plant sale go to development of the gardens at the Jackson UT Extension.

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