Former NFL player speaks to Bolivar Central High School students

BOLIVAR, Tenn. — A former professional football player talked to local students about following their dreams Friday.

Former NFL wide receiver Joe Horn spoke to Bolivar Central High School students Friday morning.

“I want them to know that they can achieve whatever they want to achieve in life, no matter what they’re going through, if they reach out for help,” Horn said.

He encouraged students and teachers to work together to solve their problems.

“Meeting the kids where they are and having our hands on their back, pushing them to their highest,” said Principal Mary Ann Polk.

And the students were interested in hearing his stories.

“One person asked me what was the important thing that made me want to keep on going. What pushed me when people downed me?” Horn said. “Everyone that downed me and talked negative about me, I used that as my pushing tool to keep going forward.”

Horn recognizes that this is a subject that doesn’t just belong in the high school auditorium. It needs to be continued at home with parents.

“I don’t know what parents are going through. Every family’s household has a child that’s doing different things,” Horn said. “Some of them are doing the right thing. Some of them are disrespectful. Some of them aren’t doing their chores.”

And he hopes this conversation is the beginning of a change.

“What did Mr. Horn say to make you change what you’re doing wrong? To make this house better?” he suggested parents ask their students.

Horn played for the New Orleans Saints. He now coaches football at Northeast Mississippi Community College.

He is also participating in the coin toss at the McNairy-Bolivar football game Friday night.

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