Suspect charged in two shootings in Jackson

JACKSON, Tenn.– “We have one deceased at Fairway Boulevard and one in stable condition, both the Hispanic males on Neff Street are in extremely critical condition,” Jackson Police Department Chief Julian Wiser said.

Jackson police arrested 21-year-old Keenan Murphy Friday after a shooting the shooting on Fairway Boulevard in north Jackson. Police found a .40-caliber semi-automatic gun during Murphy’s arrest.

He is also charged with a shooting in late September.

“Keenan Murphy is charged with two different crimes. He’s charged with the shooting on Neff Street, and then the Fairway Boulevard shooting,” Chief Wiser said.

Sunday afternoon, Chief Julian Wiser spoke with WBBJ 7 Eyewitness News, he said investigators were able to connect Murphy to both shootings after a ballistic examination of the firearm.

“We were able to do shell case comparisons from Fairway Boulevard and Neff Street,” Chief Wiser said.

Chief Wiser said without this technology, it would take weeks to get more information on the evidence found at the shootings.

He also said Murphy confessed to his involvement in both shootings.

“Right now, we’re not going to get into the motive,” Chief Wiser said.

Murphy was formally charged Saturday morning. He faces multiple charges including attempted first-degree murder and employing a firearm during a dangerous felony, for the shooting on Neff Street.

In addition, Murphy faces charges of first-degree murder and attempted first-degree murder in the Fairway Boulevard shooting.

“These were not random acts. Once this case goes to court there’s a common nexus between both of these cases,” Chief Wiser said.

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