Goodwill Career Solutions hosts job fair

JACKSON, Tenn. — The Goodwill Career Solutions Center holds a job fair in south Jackson on the second Tuesday of every month.

Christine McCrury says the center has already exceeding their expectations when it comes to finding jobs for the community.

“We have supplied about 1,000 people with jobs so far this year,” McCurry, a training coach with Goodwill of Middle Tennessee said.

The benefit is mutual: businesses reach out to the center when they have openings, and the center notifies businesses of career events.

“If they need to use our computer, if they need to do a job search, if they need to update their resume, if they need copies of their resume, we can do that for them,” McCurry said.

The Career Solutions Center is funded almost entirely by purchases made at Goodwill.

“We could not have career solutions without our donors and the people that shop our stores. Because that’s what funds us,” McCurry said.

She says the impact of the job fair and career events are more than just a paycheck.

“I had a lady just a few weeks ago. That has come back and hugged me. She thanked me for helping her get her job, because now she’s able to feed her family,” McCurry said.

Some of Tuesday’s employers at the job fair included Zaxby’s, CoreCivic, and Bethel University.

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