Hardin County Fire Department opens new station in Shiloh

SHILOH, Tenn.–Three years ago, a community center and fire station in Shiloh was just a dream. Now, it is a reality.

“Our nearest one was over in Crump, but now we’ve got one here at home. So we can depend on the people here,” Hughi E. Smith, a member of the community, said.

This is the 24th station in Hardin County, and while it hopefully won’t be used often, it is much needed.

“If you need it, you need it to be there, you need it ready to go,” Fire Chief and Emergency Management Agency Director Melvin Martin said.

But, because it is there, it will save residents money.

“In this area that was more than five miles away, those areas were in a class 10, which is hard to get insurance, so this will bring the whole area to a class five insurance rating,” Martin said. “So it will be greatly improved, and in the next year they should see a reduction in insurance costs.”

The monument in front of the building, in the shape of Hardin County, will have more than two dozen donor names inscribed on it. Because, as Martin says, this was a community effort.

“It was a great collaboration between the community and the fire department. So with everyone working together, it really worked out well,” Martin said.

And to Smith, a World War II veteran and one of the people who helped raise the community’s portion of the $70,000, this is very personal.

“When my wife Dorothy passed away, you know who was the first one there?” he asked. “The fire department. They were there before I could get her out of the chair. They’re here to help us. Not for themselves, but for us.”

WBBJ 7 Eyewitness News contacted local insurance agents to see what the price difference would be now that the station is open. They said it varies by agency, so if you live in Shiloh, you’ll want to call your insurance agent.

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