Crockett County receives Three Star Grant

CROCKETT COUNTY, Tenn.–“Our growth hasn’t declined, but it hasn’t significantly increased,” Crockett County Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Charlie Moore said.

Crockett County recently received a $50,000 Three-Star Grant from the state of Tennessee, all to help with improvements and economic development around the county.

Moore talked about how the grant will be used.

“The infrastructure study for growth, for Crockett County. It was to determine industrial development growth, home growth, and school growth,” she said.

Moore says it’s much harder to get funding in these areas without the information from a study.

“You need something to back up what these plans are, and why this need is there,” Moore said.

She says these studies will help different entities, such as utility providers, in making plans for improvement.

“That will help our cities and our utility companies in their plans for future growth,” Moore said.

She also said the county is looking for a company to perform the study, and the goal is to have that company hired by November.

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