Symposium brings technology to Jackson library

JACKSON, Tenn. — Thanks to a partnership between a group of local libraries, the 731 Tech Symposium on Thursday was a hit.

“They have more technology in their hand versus Sputnik when we sent someone in space,” said Robbie Melton, with Tennessee State University.

Melton introduced attendees to the latest technology, ranging from devices that track your health, to educational gadgets and more.

Melton says she wants people of all ages to learn to make this technology on their own.

“What we’re trying to do is share with everyone from preschool to the world of work has become smarter in terms of smart technology and coding,” Melton said.

Everyone at the seminar received a Google Cardboard virtual reality headset, and some got special door prizes.

The camera gives a hint of the virtual reality experiences, and it’s that experience that Melton says is the key to education.

“If I would like to take you back to the Roman days, I put these on, and next thing you know, you’re actually in the Coliseum, with the gladiators,” Melton said. “We want them to be innovators, not consumers.”

The symposium also catered lunch for everybody and provided messenger bags.

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