Local woman helps blind community

JACKSON, Tenn. — For 12 years now, Angela Pozzuoli has been working to help the blind community.

“We teach and train them how to use this tool, a cane, in order to travel safely, independently and efficiently through their environment,” Pozzuoli, a Certified Orientation and Mobility Specialist at the STAR Center, said.

The tool is the white cane, and Tuesday is White Cane Awareness Day.
Pozzuoli and others from the STAR Center will be going to Memphis to participate in a walk raising awareness for the blind community.

“I’m looking forward to participating because this is a field I definitely love and am passionate about,” she said.

When it comes to crossing the street, there are some things Jackson is working on to make it safer for people that are blind.

“The audible walk signs, the push buttons, they have beeping, they help our blind community know where they are,” Pozzuoli said.

There are also grooved parts of the sidewalks right before you cross the street, but some of these don’t line up and could send someone diagonally into the street.

If you think someone needs help, ask before doing anything.

“Let them know where your hand is in space by touching the back of your palm to the back of their palm. So, they know where your arm is, and then they can grab onto you and you can help guide them across the street or whatever they may need,” Pozzuoli said.

Pozzuoli says she hopes to bring the walk to Jackson next year to raise more awareness for the blind community.

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