Young girls and women learn about breast cancer with S.W.A.G


“It can kill you, that’s all I knew,” said S.W.A.G member Alessya George.

According to, “1 in 8 women will develop invasive breast cancer over the course of their lifetime.”

Wednesday the Sisters With Aspiring Goals, also known as “SWAG”, gathered local young girls and women to learn more about the deadly disease.

“I just thought like it started hurting,” said George.

After listening to breast cancer stories, Aleesya George said she discovered new details about the disease.

“It can start off as a little ball in your breast, I didn’t know that,” said George.

Learning more about breast cancer is something President Ella Watkins of SWAG wants young girls to leave the event with.

“Just the awareness so they can go each year and every 6 months to go get checked out,” said President Ella Watkins of SWAG.

“Like it can be very, very bad and it can kill you, that’s all I knew,” said George.

Now, George said she knows to look out for symptoms..

“Always be concerned about your body, and just like be awake like open,” said George.

“Like I said cancer does not discriminate,” said Watkins.

This is the second year for the SWAG Breast Cancer Awareness event.

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