Community members seek more ways to volunteer in West Tennessee

JACKSON, Tenn. — Community members had the chance to find out what kind of volunteer opportunities are available in West Tennessee.

The gym at Northside United Methodist Church in Jackson wasn’t the site of a basketball game on Thursday, but instead an event called Volunteer Madison County, showing people how they can give back.

“We’re always hearing a lot of people saying, ‘I wanna give back to the community, I wanna get involved, but I don’t know where to start,'” said event coordinator Keita Cole.

All different kinds of non-profits and organizations were there to show people how they can help.

“Help us play Bingo; they can sing for us; they can read to some of our residents. They can spend time one-on-one with our residents,” said Windi Summers, Director of Admissions at Camden Health.

Many volunteers at the event wanted to find more ways to give back.

“You don’t only help other people, but you’re helping yourself because you get out amongst the public, and you need that interaction every day,” said volunteer Carol Clement.

Marie Daniel, one of the volunteers, just moved back to Jackson and is already looking for volunteer opportunities.

“The world is bigger than me; it’s bigger than us, and there are people who need things that they can’t provide for themselves, so if we don’t reach out, we’re missing an opportunity,” Daniel said.

Mayor Scott Conger and Stacey Pirtle, southern food and hospitality writer, both spoke at the event.

And Tennessee First Lady Maria Lee sent a special video message for all the volunteers.

Officials say they hope to make this an annual event involving more organizations and non-profits.

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