Governor Lee visits West Tennessee school

CHESTER Co., Tenn. — Governor Bill Lee made a quick stop in West Tennessee Tuesday morning.

Gov. Lee toured West Chester Elementary School.

“Talking to the principal, teachers, students, about this great school and how it is we can strengthen, support and enhance our public school system here in Tennessee,” Gov. Lee said.

Students on the A-Team, the Appreciation Team, greeted the governor before they headed down the hall for their first stop.

“This is a rural community. Rural Tennessee is very important to me, as you know, we believe what happens in rural Tennessee really impacts the entire state,” he said.

Two of the students got to help lead the tour.

Gov. Lee stopped in several classrooms to talk with students and teachers about what they want to see change.

“We’re in the bottom half of state in our educational outcomes. What I hope to do is make Tennessee a leader in education,” he said.

Then Gov. Lee sat down with the A-Team and went on to answer some of their questions.

“Answering questions of third graders is uniquely challenging. They are energetic and eager, and they want answers and they’re willing to learn,” Gov. Lee said.

Gov. Lee says he hopes to learn from these visits how to better invest in teachers and students to give them the best chance possible.

Lee also made a stop in Crockett County, to visit Crockett County High School, Tuesday afternoon.

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