Dyersburg restaurant raising autism awareness this Halloween

DYERSBURG, Tenn.– Jordan’s Grab n’ Go in Dyersburg wants to help people understand autism when it’s time to hand out candy.

“Autism is a developmental disorder that effects socialization and speech, two of the things you really have to be good at to go trick or treating,” owner Christine Coronado said.

To help people better understand autism, Jordan’s Grab n’ Go now has blue pumpkins.

“If that person approaches you, if they look too old to be trick or treating, or if they can’t say trick or treat, the blue pumpkin is supposed to signify that the person may have autism,” Coronado said. “Just have a little more patience and compassion with that trick or treater.”

Autism is something Coronado has first-hand experience with. Her daughter, 23-year-old Jordan, is autistic.

“Sometimes folks want the child to say trick or treat before they’ll give up the candy,” Coronado said. “I can’t tell you how many times I would have to explain. It was always a challenge to get her to say trick or treat. Sometimes she would try to say it, and sometimes she wouldn’t.”

To help raise awareness, the restaurant started bought the pumpkin pails last week, after Coronado saw a post on Facebook.

“I think we had bought 10 or 12 to start off with, and they were gone in a day. At that point, I said ‘We’re going to every Walmart between here and Memphis’ to get as many as I could,” she said. “We were able to fit about 50 into the car.”

If you would like to get a pumpkin bucket for someone with autism, stop by Jordan’s Grab n’ Go on St. John Avenue in Dyersburg.

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