Community members attend bullying seminar

JACKSON, Tenn. — Community members attended a special seminar that was held Saturday in Jackson to discuss bullying.

A bullying seminar was held Saturday afternoon inside the Jackson-Madison County Library.

Faye Ware, who is the founder of the Mourning Mothers, put the seminar together to bring awareness to bullying.

“I put this event together because I myself am a mourning mother. I lost a son to murder in 2016. Since then we have other mothers that have tragedies like mine,” Ware said.

Several people from the community came out to attend the seminar. Faye says one of her friends lost her child to suicide.

“A ten-year old son to suicide. He was bullied because of a medical issues that he had, and she was supposed to be a guest here today, but unfortunately, for unforeseen circumstances, she couldn’t be here today,” Ware said.

Those attending the seminar got to learn the signs and different forms of bullying.

“Check their phones. Some children store stuff in their phones, check their rooms periodically, and sit down and ask them and ask children how their day was,” Ware said.

Several guest speakers shared their stories on bullying as well as some of their own programs to help children.

“I want to help children more than anything in the world,” said guest speaker Winda Andrews. “It is never too late, and I want the kids to know we always got to talk until someone with the situation going on in their lives.”

“Interventions,” said guest speaker Fred Spight. “We talk to the kids. We have tons of kids that come. They play basketball. I try to be a help and a service to them. Some of these kids don’t have a father figure in their life.”

“My thing is to reach out and help the children and engage,” said guest speaker Patricia Hunt. “I look at them like they are my children. I want to be kind and help the children; that is my thing.”

“Help bring resolve to some of the issues that is causing it,” Ware said.

Ware says she hopes to bring awareness to the community about bullying and its effects.

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