Adamsville residents react to Saturday’s storm damage

ADAMSVILLE, Tenn. —Debris lined the streets across Adamsville and surrounding communities with everything from large trees and branches, to power lines broken in half.

Damages sprawled out within an area of roughly 800 square miles in just West Tennessee alone.

On Barker Street Monday, there was damage at several homes and properties. 

One woman took shelter in her closet, however debris trapped her within her home. 

“I’ve only been scared by a storm about three times in my life,” said Lynn Maness. “This lasted I don’t know, it seemed like 20, 30 minutes. It was like one wave and then it didn’t get calm, by any means.”

Across the street, Shae Young says there was some damage to her property. She said she’s thankful a large tree missed her home.

“Lucky, I mean I hate to say it, I’m glad it fell that way, it could have been a whole lot worse if it fell the other way, because I had two small children in their at the time,” said Young.

It was almost a close call for Brian Bridges who said he had just come inside from a shed on his property.

“And about 10 minutes later I heard something crash and looked out the back window, and that’s what I’ve seen and that’s where I was at,” said Bridges. “If I had stayed in there it probably would have killed me I’m sure.”

“Awe it was crazy, it was,” said Bridges, “It was unbelievable, we’re just lucky to be alive I guess.”

It will be several weeks before the damage is cleared out.

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