Truckload of donations delivered to Scotts Hill

SCOTTS HILL, Tenn. — A special delivery was made to a local church to help a community in need.

A truckload of food and other items were brought in from Nashville to help the families who were affected by this weekend’s storms that swept across West Tennessee.

“They reached out to us. They called me and called yesterday morning and asked if they could assist us, and so we told them that they could, that there was a lot of people in need out here,” said Scotts Hill Church of Christ elder George Hodge.

Churches of Christ Disaster Relief Efforts, based in Nashville, met in Scotts Hill Friday morning, bringing food, water, cleaning supplies and more.

Ted Gentle is the minister at Scotts Hill Church of Christ. He says these things could last a family of four up to five days.

“Care boxes, diapers and all the things for babies, blankets, wheel barrows and shovels people need them,” Gentle said.

“We have clothing, gloves, blankets tarps, anything you will need to get back on your feet,” Hodge said.

Hodge says several local Churches of Christ are also lending a helping hand.

“We’ve always tried to be to be involved in a work of some type and do what we can do to help people when they notify us,” Paul Montgomery, an elder at Red Walnut Church of Christ, said.

And Gentle says this is a step toward helping Decatur County to recovery.

“Just pretty much everything you will need to jump start someone back until they can get their power on and get back to functioning,” Montgomery said.

If you or your family have been affected by the storms and are in need of resources, stop by the Scotts Hill Church of Christ to receive your relief box. Scotts Hill Church of Christ is located at 11325 Sardis Scotts Hill Road in Scotts Hill.

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