Community continues to clean up after recent storms

ADAMSVILLE, Tenn.– It’s been several days since the October 26 storm that hit Adamsville, but there’s still damage left all over the city.

Now the people of Adamsville are picking up any limbs or brush from the storm and bringing it to the Old Horse Arena, where you’ll find Jackie Hamm, the person operating this machinery. Hamm said he’s not getting paid for the work, he’s volunteering.

“This is our hometown, and we’re trying to help everybody we can,” Hamm said.

Hamm said he’s been helping people around the city get trees off their property for a couple days.

“I think after today we’ll have almost a hundred hours in,” Hamm said.

Hamm said he’s able to help so many people because his home only received a little damage from the storm, but that wasn’t the case for local Adamsville business owner Brent Thomas.

“A tree came completely out of the ground and chased me back to the truck. I was caught in it. There’s really no reason I should be alive,” Thomas said.

Thomas said he and his grandson have been cleaning up trees off his yard for over a week.

“This is my sixth load and I probably got four or five more,” Thomas said.

But with people from surrounding counties coming over to help, Thomas said cleaning up could be a lot worse.

“We’re pushing progress. You know, it will take a while but we’ll get there,” Hamm said.

Hamm said it could be months before things are back to normal in Adamsville.

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