Local church celebrates Kirkin’ of the Tartans

JACKSON, Tenn. – The First Presbyterian Church on North Highland Avenue celebrated the annual ‘Kirkin’ of the Tartans’ worship service Sunday.

The sound of bagpipes and drums filled the church along with color and pageantry.
The service was led by John White, pastor of the First Presbyterian Church.
White says it’s an American tradition that celebrates the Scottish heritage of the Presbyterian Church. Those attending the service wore kilts and plaid clothing representing family.

“We celebrate our particular heritage on this day,” said Pastor John White. “Our real focus is on the presence of  Jesus Christ that brings unity to the body of Christ of all those who believe in Jesus Christ as their Lord and savior.”

White says the first Kirkin’ of the Tartans service was in 1941. It was developed by the reverend Peter Marshall, pastor of the New York Avenue Church in Washington D.C.

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