Jackson City Council met Tuesday for several topics, including debt

JACKSON, Tenn. — Several topics were brought up during Tuesday’s city council meeting.

The biggest topic was refinancing the city’s debt. “This is comparative to just a large home mortgage refinance,” Mayor Scott Conger said.

The city moved $25 to $30 million in debt from a variable rate to a fixed rate. “Whenever the market’s in flux, we know we’ll be locked in and it helps us to plan better,” Mayor Conger said.

The city refinanced at a lower rate which will save it almost $5 million over the life of their debt.

Mayor Conger also discussed adding amendments to this years budget.

Just like approving the budget, amendments have to be voted on and approved twice before it becomes official.

There’s also an update to the waste management fines. “We’ve sent two fine notifications, and I’m happy to say in the last September and October, the improvements in pick up and complaints have been great,” Mayor Conger said.

Each fine was $100 and officials say the first fine has been paid.

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