Students dress as saints for school tradition

JACKSON, Tenn. — Students are continuing a tradition at St. Mary’s School and teaching others in the process.

Every year, the second graders pick a saint and do a project on them. Instead of using a poster board and talking about them, the students become them.

This year’s glimpse into heaven featured everyone from St. Patrick to Francis.

“I am St. Gianna Molla. I was born in Italy on Oct. 4, 1922. I was a pediatrician and loved caring for women, children, and the poor,”  Gianna Rotty said.

“I am St. Dominic Savio. I was born in 1842. Even though I was a young boy, I had great faith,” Ryan Salter said.

This project goes along with All Saints Day which is observed on Nov. 1.

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