Educational resource receives new home

PARSONS, Tenn. — A historical home transforms into the headquarters of a West Tennessee educational resource.

Special guests, including Governor Bill Lee, filled the newly remodeled home of the Ayers Foundation.

“Jim and Janet Ayers have decided to not wait for the government to solve the problem. They’re not going to wait for the education system to bring forth what needs to be done; they’re going to be a part of solving that problem themselves,” Lee said.

The Ayers Foundation is a program which aims to help students go to college and continue working toward a career path through school.

The program serves eight high schools in Tennessee and two in Missouri.

Former students came to Friday’s dedication and spoke about what the program did for them.

“I was able to take evening classes at Jackson State Community College and earn 15 hours towards my college education, completely free to my family,” said Ayers scholar Dr. Sunny Montgomery.

“They helped me throughout my academy path as much as they could, and even now they still help me,” said Ayers scholar Blake Lindsey.

Part of the headquarters is also housed in the former home of Jim Ayers.

“I’ll be 76 this month, and I intend to keep doing the same thing,” Ayers said.

The foundation looks forward to helping more students in their new home.

The Ayers Foundation uses a comprehensive college counseling model.

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