Jackson-Madison County School System holds committee meetings

JACKSON, Tenn.–Tuesday afternoon, the Special Questions Committee met to discuss voting methods for an upcoming decision.

Jackson-Madison County Education Association President Janis Carroll said this decision making comes from the Collaborative Conferencing Act.

“(We) put forth and agreed on a process at which the professional educators in this school system will vote whether they want to take part in Collaborative Conferencing,” Carroll said.

Carroll said Collaborative Conferencing means teachers and the school system will come to an agreement on such things as salaries, wages and fringe benefits.

“They can vote whether they want this body to pursue Collaborative Conferencing,” Carroll said.

She said teachers will be voting on this decision next week.

Switching gears to the Ethics Committee, members voted on new leadership.

“One of the processes that we had to do tonight is to elect a new chair, and the election occurred and the committee voted me as the new chairperson,” said Bill Kipp.

The Ethics Committee also elected Sylvia Showalter as the new secretary.

And ending the evening, the Education Vision Committee went over past and future plans for the school system.

“Mr. Washington updated us and the County Commission on capital projects,” Pete Johnson, co-chair of the committee, said.

Those capital projects are some the committee will soon have to budget in the 2021-2022 school year.

These committees have scheduled meetings at the school board’s Central Office next week.

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