How you can best give feedback on Tennessee State math standards

JACKSON, Tenn.– The State Board of Education has released a survey so you can give feedback on math standards.

Dr. Jared Myracle served on the Board for History Standards. He gave an example of how the survey works with a quick multiplication question. He multiplied five by three.

“You and I were just asked to memorize that,” Myracle said. “But what it wants students to see is that it’s actually five plus five plus five. It’s the same thing.”

The current standard requires students to know the reason why five times three equals 15 by drawing it out.

“And then they would know five rows of three. They can actually have a visual where they can count and verify all those are the same,” he said.

When you take the survey, it will ask if that is appropriate for a second grader to learn.

“In the feedback process, someone might say, ‘Well, I think they should multiply up to ten in second grade or up to three in second grade. That’s the type of feedback that might be given in the standards feedback process,” he said.

Then, on the next page, it will ask the reason why you think the standards should change.

“Just being specific and providing a justification, so not just saying, ‘Well I don’t like this.’ That’s not as useful as saying, ‘I don’t think this is appropriate because x,y,z,’ and providing specific evidence,” Myracle said.

Overall, he doesn’t expect a lot of changes during this revision process.

“I promise that they’re used. They’re read through, I’ve been a part of that process before. It’s time consuming, but at the same time, it’s a process that needs to happen,” he said.

The new standards will go to the board for approval in late 2020 and be implemented in the 2022-2023 school year.

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