Church celebrates Thanksgiving with dinner and service

JACKSON, Tenn.– A church in Jackson celebrated Thanksgiving with an annual dinner.

“We have a great church here at Hillcrest, great fellowship with one another, and great spirit. It’s just a time for us to be together and to share that with one another,” senior pastor Jerry Welch said.

Members of Hillcrest Baptist Church enjoyed a Thanksgiving dinner and evening of fellowship as a church family, a tradition that started at least 26 years ago.

“It probably wasn’t this big to start out with,” Welch said. “I remember when we didn’t cook or deep fry six turkeys and some ham.”

Welch says the church considered catering it this year, but the congregation said no.

“They wanted to bring the food and do a potluck because it’s the Thanksgiving season,” Welch said.

Church members dug into turkey, ham, every side dish imaginable, and desserts.

Members agree it’s important to get together, especially around the holidays.

“It shows that we understand where our blessings really come from,” Welch said. “We don’t create them, we receive them.”

Everyone enjoyed a Thanksgiving themed service after dinner.

Members reflected on what they’re thankful for.

The youngest church members reflected in a video.

Church members say they’re looking forward to next year’s Thanksgiving dinner.

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