Milan community celebrates 3rd annual One Table Milan

MILAN, Tenn. — Thanksgiving isn’t until next week, but one community came together Saturday to celebrate early.

Hundreds of people came together Saturday to enjoy a Thanksgiving meal with one another.

“You may see some people you’ve known your whole life, and you may meet someone new and sit right beside them at a Thanksgiving table, so that is my favorite part about this,” said Allyson Harris, with community development for the city of Milan.

This event is called ‘One Table Milan,’ where everyone from the community can come together to enjoy a delicious meal and fellowship with one another.

Because of the cold and rainy weather, the dinner was held inside the Hawkins-Whitby Fema Community Safe Room.

“Normally we run a table all the way down Main Street, and we serve on Main Street Milan,” said the mayor for the city of Milan, BW Beasley.

But despite the rain and the cold, that didn’t stop West Tennesseans from coming out and spending time with one another.

“I love the feeling of love, warmth and love, and everybody is here to eat, to enjoy [and] to talk,” said attendee, Mindy Rolfe.

“I love how people get together and get to know each other because Milan is a beautiful town,” said attendee, Shelly Samek.

“Just a wonderful feeling. Everybody just giving thanks and coming together; it’s just no greater feeling,” said attendee, Shawana Wade.

“Special moment for everyone to come together and spend time with their family,” said attendee, Alyssa Mann.

“Great food and [just] being grateful,” said attendee, Kylee Mann.

And it’s not just people from Milan who are attending. People from cities all over Gibson County were there to enjoy.

“This is a wonderful event,” said attendee, Teresa Johnson. “This is my first time coming out. I am from Trenton, Tennessee, and I really enjoy all the people out here.”

“A lot of fellowship going on today with all of our citizens and sharing stories and talking about Milan’s history,” Beasley said. “It’s just a wonderful event, an event that we will continue to have for years to come.”

This is the 3rd year the Milan community has hosted the Thanksgiving dinner.

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