Humboldt School Board member charged with disorderly conduct

HUMBOLDT, Tenn. — A member of the Humboldt School Board has been charged with disorderly conduct following an alleged incident at McDonalds earlier this month.

Leon McNeal, 57, is accused of following a woman through the restaurant on November 18.

Court documents say the woman was in the counter when McNeal came in. The woman told police she spoke to McNeal, who told her not to speak to him, before going on to talk about the November board election.

Court documents say the woman told McNeal, “You won the election and let’s move forward. It’s about the children.”

McNeal told the woman that “it’s personal,” and that “I’m not done with it,” according to court documents.

The woman walked away from McNeal to the drink court, and McNeal followed her back to the front counter, talking about an article the woman’s husband had written, according to court documents.

Court documents say McNeal continued to be loud and have “offensive and disruptive” behavior.

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