Isaac Lane students learn about trees with tree planting

JACKSON, Tenn. — Students were given a chance to make a difference at their school Monday.

The City of Jackson’s landscaping crew hold presentations with Keep Jackson Beautiful every year.

This year, they are making stops at local schools to teach kids how to plant and care for trees, as well as teach them the benefits of trees.

Landscaping Chief J.D. Sims says this isn’t just a learning experience for students but something they really enjoy.

“It’s amazing watching how much fun they have doing this and how much it means to them. We did one this morning, where they just got down on their hands and knees and were pushing the dirt in with their hands and just having a blast,” Sims says.

Our state tree, the tulip popular, was planted at Isaac Lane Technology Magnet Elementary School on Monday.

Landscapers have already helped students plant trees at several other elementary schools, and will be planting another at Denmark Elementary tomorrow.

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