Residents raise concerns about intersection hazards

JACKSON, Tenn. — Residents in one area of the Hub City are voicing their concerns about potentially hazardous intersections.

“The thing is that the through traffic that runs on Windy City doesn’t stop and can move very fast,” said resident Bronson Dinkens. “If someone isn’t paying attention, t-bones happen all the time.”

“A lot of school children in the mornings and afternoons, and our grandchildren, take that route to school and back,” said resident Vicky Forsythe.

These are just some of the concerns from people who live near Ashport Road and McClellan Road, off Windy City Road in north Jackson.

City Engineer Scott Chandler says many people have raised concerns about the area.

“We’ve discussed doing that as an all way stop or possible traffic signalization in the future as well,” Chandler said.

Another area of concern is Vann Drive at Express Drive.

“We know that more development is going to occur in that area, and we’ve looked at that for possible signalization in the future already,” Chandler said.

Chandler says before any changes are made, a study has to be done to analyze crash reports to find a solution.

“You have to collect data. If you don’t have traffic counts, then you go out and collect those traffic counts and get that data,” Chandler said.

Warning signs are in place at McClellan and Windy City, but residents WBBJ spoke with say that isn’t enough.

“People are in a hurry, and even if they’re driving the speed limit, if someone pulls out in front of you, you’re going to have an accident,” said resident Bill Forsythe.

If you want to report a road safety concern, call Jackson’s new non-emergency service number 311.

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