RIFA feeds the community for Thanksgiving

JACKSON, Tenn. — More than 100 people in Jackson now have full bellies after a Thanksgiving feast, and it’s all thanks to a local organization.

Regional Inter-Faith Association, also known as RIFA, is serving Thanksgiving meals to the needy and homeless population of Jackson.

RIFA held its annual Thanksgiving feast feeding hundreds of families with over 50 volunteers helping to cook and serve meals.

“They can expect a real genuine Thanksgiving meal,” said RIFA’s Susan MacFarland. “We’ve got turkey, we’ve got ham, dressing, giblets gravy, cranberry sauce [and] sweet potatoes.”

MacFarland says the organization has been in existence for over 40 years.

“Everything here is donated so it’s a beautiful thing to see,” MacFarland said.

Some volunteers say helping others is what they like doing the most.

“My husband served at RIFA for five years before he got too sick to serve. He passed away yesterday, November 27, two years ago and served the homeless. They bless me, and I hope that I bless them,” said volunteer Laura Cotner.

MacFarland says RIFA is always open no matter what time of year.

“For whatever reason, they can come here, and they are treated with love and respect, fed a hot meal and appreciated. So just imagine how good that would feel if you had no place to go,” MacFarland said.

They served turkey, mashed potatoes, green beans and pies.

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