West Tennesseans continue shopping for Christmas items after weekend of deals

JACKSON, Tenn. – People from all around West Tennessee are starting some of their Christmas shopping as the big holiday nears. West Tennesseans have already gotten a jump start on their holiday shopping.

“It is really nice. The weather is nice. Today is beautiful so I can’t complain,” said shopper, Oneita Shearin.

It’s the most wonderful time of the year and shoppers say they have not wrapped up their holiday shopping just yet. Shoppers were scrambling to several stores at the Columns in Jackson on Sunday, chipping away items off their Christmas list.

“We are going to be visiting a lot of stores,” said shopper, Dione Turner.

Shoppers share how the first week of holiday shopping has gone for them and some of the stores they visited.

“Kohl’s and going to Ross,” said shopper, Michael Shearin.

“We did little online shopping as well,” said Shearin.

“We are going to be here in the Columns,” said Turner. “We are going to visit Kohl’s and Marshall’s and we are going to go to Ulta and then we are going to go across to the Men’s Wearhouse.”

Some shoppers say they are still shopping for Christmas gifts for the family.

“Shopping for everyone in the family today,” said Turner.

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