Broadcast club becomes class at local high school

JACKSON, Tenn. — After a weekend dedicated to shopping, Tuesday is about giving back.

Last year on Giving Tuesday, WBBJ 7 Eyewitness News told you about the Broadcasting Club at Sacred Heart of Jesus High School. This year it’s a class students can take.

“Having it as a class gives us more time to work on our projects and gives us more time to discuss and figure out what exactly we’re going to do for our next video project,” said senior Miller Boyd.

They went from meeting twice a week with just six students to meeting every day with 13 students in the class.

“These kids are actually pretty interesting. They’re pretty funny, and they’re pretty smart. What I’ve learned is when they get to highlight that themselves, they’re very creative,” said broadcasting teacher Chuck Walker.

Last year the school raised $3,800, with part of the money going to fund equipment and materials the students need for this class.

Students say over the past year they’ve seen a lot of growth, not only in the class, but in themselves.

Bray Finney, aka Breezy Bray, does the weather for their weekly news show.

“I used to not be able to talk to anybody, especially big groups of people. Now I have more confidence than ever, and it’s just a good feeling, a good experience,” Finney said.

Grace Creasy co-anchors the news broadcast.

“This class has helped me with social speaking and speaking in front of a camera. I’ve always been on the shyer side. I’ve been worried about what it would look like,” Creasy said.

You can still donate today to help these students. Just head to the Sacred Heart of Jesus High School Facebook page.

Sacred Heart isn’t the only place asking for donations in West Tennessee for Giving Tuesday.

RIFA, Area Relief Ministries, Redemption Road Rescue, Saving the Animals Together and Salvation Army are just some of the other nonprofit organizations you can donate to for Giving Tuesday.

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