Hearing reveals details on two Jackson killings

JACKSON, Tenn. — Disturbing details of two killings in Jackson are revealed in a court hearing Thursday.

Keenan Murphy, charged with fatally shooting two men and injuring two more in 10 days, appeared in Jackson City Court Thursday.

During the hearing, Jackson Police Department Investigator Joseph Williams read Murphy’s statement about the September 25 shooting that killed Julio Almarez and injured Joe Ramirez.

Investigators say Murphy bought a gun from Ramirez before the shooting.

“I paid him $460 for the Glock 27 .40-caliber,” Williams read from the statement.

But investigators say after Almarez refused to drive him to Academy Sports to buy more bullets, Murphy decided to shoot him.

“I told him to stop in front of a house. It didn’t look like anyone lived there. I pulled out my gun, shot Joe one time in the head, then shot Julio one time in the head,” Williams read.

Almarez died three weeks later from his injuries.

The second shooting was October 4, where Murphy is accused of shooting Thomas Curry and Vincent Reed Jr.

“Today I contacted Thomas Curry on Facebook to try and sell him a gun. He told me to call him. He came to the Knights Inn, he was in his white Crown Vic. He had Vincent Hunter with him,” Williams read.

Investigators say Murphy told Curry he needed a ride to his girlfriend’s house. Police say during that drive, Murphy shot Curry.

“Thomas had ****** me off. I decided I was going to shoot him. Thomas turned around and asked me what I was doing. I shot him in the head, I shot him more than once. I started shooting Vincent. He was still in the car,” Williams read.

Curry died at the scene.

The hearing had to be stopped briefly, as family members became emotional during the testimony.

Both cases have been bound over to a Madison County grand jury to determine if Murphy will be indicted in both Curry and Almarez’s deaths.

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