Church hosts special breakfast for advent season

JACKSON, Tenn. — A local church hosted a breakfast in preparation for the holiday season.

Saint Luke’s Episcopal Church in downtown Jackson held its annual advent breakfast Sunday morning.

“This is something my wife and I started doing a few years ago,” said Ben Guyer, parishioner for the church. “The advent breakfast, the four Sundays leading up to Christmas in the church calendar called advent, so it’s a period of preparation for Christmas.”

Guyer says this is the fourth advent breakfast to be held at the church, and he says about 40 people came out to enjoy a delicious breakfast.

“We just thought that it might be a nice thing to do, honestly, once we started coming here back in 2016,” Guyer said. “We both like to cook. We’ve cooked at other churches and thought this would be a way to share that gift.”

Guyer says an oatmeal bake was prepared containing apples and raisins and cinnamon, as well as sausage and yogurt with toppings.

“We have a bit of food leftover, we always make a little bit extra, so we have room for seconds,” Guyer said.

Guyer says even though it’s a way to prepare for Christmas, the breakfast brings together friends and families to fellowship with one another.

“We have several guests here that are not normal attendees at the parish, as well as families, parents and children, couples, etc.,” Guyer said. “We are preparing for Christmas. Christmas isn’t here yet, but we are preparing for it slowly, and when it’s here we will take 12 days with it.”

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