Woman says she was shot while running errands Saturday night

JACKSON, Tenn. — A woman shares her terrifying experience over the weekend, when she says she was shot while running errands.

Caroline Woodruff, grandmother of seven, said she had a normal day at church Saturday. Woodruff came home, and then left to run errands.

“I was headed out. I got in my car and made it to this intersection right here, and I heard a ‘pow!'” Woodruff said.

Woodruff said she was shot at the end of her driveway on Old Hickory Boulevard.

“‘Oh my god, what is happening?’ That was my first reaction, because it looked like the world stopped for a blank. It looked like it wasn’t real,” Woodruff said.

She was able to punch the gas and roll into the road, where she got out and called for help.

“I pleaded with people to stop, and they passed me. Finally, this truck, this white truck stopped. He recognized me. He called me by my name. He thought it was a wreck and didn’t know I had been shot. He called 911, and then the police and ambulance came. They came from everywhere,” Woodruff said.

Woodruff says hopefully they will be able to figure out who did this, because the incident happened right under a police camera.

“I want to know what happened. I want to participate with the police. I want to answer any questions they’ve got. I want them to answer any questions I have. I want the public, that knows anything, to just come forward and tell what happened, what happened to me. I just want to know what happened to me, and why,” Woodruff said.

Woodruff says she filed a report with the Jackson Police Department.

Jackson police says they are investigating a shooting, and the suspect is a black male seen running toward the apartments at 800 Old Hickory around 6:30 p.m. Saturday. Anyone with information is asked to call the Jackson Police Department at (731) 425-8400.

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