Residents react to new deer processing business location

SELMER, Tenn. — Residents are split on how to feel about the new location for a deer processing business.

Some Selmer residents are not happy about the third location of Wood’s Taxidermy and Deer Processing.

“We found this location. It’s downtown; I apologize for that. Nothing I can do about that. But if you want a good business, you go to where the people are. So, that’s what we’ve done,” said owner of Wood Taxidermy and Deer Processing Derek Wood.

Wood said they looked at several options, and this one worked the best.

“I’m just a man running a business, trying to make a living for his family. My business is no different than any other business,” Wood said.

The biggest concern residents had was the trailer of deer carcasses they could see as they drove down Main Street.

“Only thing I can say is, if you don’t like the way it looks, you don’t have to pull in my parking lot. I’m not trying to be rude, but that’s just how it is,” Wood said.

The trailer has been covered with a tarp so it can’t been seen from the road.

Wood says he has plans to take everything he’s doing outside, at this deer drop-off location, into the building right next door. So people driving by won’t have to see it.

It’s located at the old Fruit Basket location.

Hunters in McNairy County say they’re happy to have a location this close.

“Before that, I had to drive plum to Mississippi, or all the way up to Pickwick, or to Somerville,” said hunter Charles Reed.

Wood says he doesn’t process the deer at this location; he just skins and de-bones them to take them back to his main store in Michie.

Wood also says he got the proper approval from city officials to have the business there.

The building inspector came out Monday, and they are continuing to make improvements to the setup.

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