Local sheriff speaks out about recent school threats

JACKSON, Tenn. — In the past few weeks, there have been multiples threats at local high schools.

Two weeks ago, a threat was reported at Scotts Hill High School. Then, Tuesday, another threat was reported at South Side High School.

Hardin County Sheriff Johnny Alexander, the sheriff who investigated one of those threats, spoke about what investigators do to keep kids safe.

One week after a student allegedly made a threat at Hardin County High School, charges have been filed.

“The teenager has been charged with a terrorist threat charge, is what the TCA code is. He will go to court on December 19,” Alexander said.

Alexander says right before school let out last Thursday, a student heard another student make a threat and immediately told a teacher.

“We take any threat like that seriously, as far as harm coming to our children at school,” Alexander said.

He says because of that, they were able to immediately go to the student’s residence and talk to their parents.

“There were weapons at the home that we secured,” Alexander said.

Alexander added there are school resource officers on every campus, so if you see or hear something, tell one of them.

“The main thing we want to do is tell kids to let us know,” Alexander said. “If they see anything on Snapchat or Facebook or social media, or hear anything at school, be sure to tell a teacher or school resource officers. Let us know what’s going on. We want to stay on top of things happening to make sure everybody is safe.”

The student who allegedly made a threat at Scotts Hill High School is facing charges.

Jackson-Madison County schools have not announced if they have found who made a threat at South Side High School.

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