City responds to residents’ complaints about garbage piles

JACKSON, Tenn. — Some residents are fed up with seeing trash piling up in their street.

All that’s left from this big pile of trash is a fidget spinner, parts of sunglasses and a tire.

But these posts by Jackson residents say neighbors let multiple city departments know about the issue.

“It looks like to be a landlord, and under city code 17-101, landlords are responsible for hauling off their own trash,” said Alex Reed, special assistant to Jackson Mayor Scott Conger.

So if you see a pile like this, what should you do?

“We won’t know until we know. So it’s important for citizens to report these issues when they see them by calling 311 or (731) 425-8545 so they can let us know,” Reed said.

Once you call and let them know you have items outside of your home that need to be disposed of, city officials say give them a week to come out and pick it up.

This time of year, you’ll also start raking leaves and putting those into piles on the curb. You can also call the city to come pick those up with their leaf trucks.

“We don’t have as many of the leaf trucks as the claw trucks, so it takes a little longer than seven days,” Reed said.

Reed says the city is now keeping track of the calls and complaints they get about the trash to have a better understanding of how to handle it.

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