Holiday packages face Christmas deadline

JACKSON, Tenn. — At this point, Christmas may be feeling more like a deadline than a holiday. It’s the final countdown to get your holiday packages in the mail.

“We are really, really busy,” said UPS store owner Sandy Naiak.

At the United States Postal Service, there are still a few options to get your package to its destination by Christmas.

“Friday is the deadline for first-class mail. That generally means things like your Christmas cards and Christmas newsletters, or small packages under 16 ounces. Saturday is our recommended deadline for our priority mail packages,” said USPS spokeswoman Susan Wright.

Monday is the absolute last day to get your package shipped. At the UPS store, some deadlines have already passed.

“The ground packages are no longer guaranteed, but the three-day select, second-day air and next-day air, we have until the 21 [of December], so it will get there before Christmas Eve,” Naiak said.

The longer you wait to get to the post office or UPS store, the more you will have to pay.

“It depends on the zip code. It depends on the size of the package. Sometimes it’s only a few dollars more they have to pay. Sometimes they have to pay double. It depends on where the package is going and how big the package is,” Naiak said.

And as far as when you should get to the post office or UPS?

“There is not a best time. You need to get here. That’s the best time, so your loved one can get the package before Christmas,” Naiak said.

The UPS store added that if you need a last minute gift, they’re still printing photo calendars and cards.

The United States Postal Service is delivering packages this Sunday, so be sure to check you mailbox for those.

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