Local town holds second annual scavenger hunt

HUNTINGDON, Tenn. — A unique holiday event in one West Tennessee town has made a big return for year two.

Chad Barnhart started the Huntingdon Be-A-Giver Scavenger Hunt last year, where prizes are hidden around town, and clues are posted on his Facebook page, inspired by a similar idea that started in Paris.

“I was sitting there in the bed one night, and I told my wife, ‘You know, we ought to do something here.’ So it’s really as simple as that. We plant one seed, and goodness grows, and it just spread,” Barnhart said. “Cash prizes, gift certificates to restaurants, bags, free nails, I mean it’s just been a variety of prizes.”

Last year’s turnout was great, according to Barnhart, but this year’s is something else.

“The outpouring of donations and people involved in the community is just amazing,” Barnhart said.

“It gets very intense. Me and the kids get in the car with flashlights, and we have a map, then we write down all the clues, and it’s just fun,” said participant Monica Mays.

“It’s just been really exciting to be so close, but still not be able to find it,” said participant Derrick Hubble.

In addition to the prizes, Barnhart says he decided to incorporate a charitable twist this year.

“We’ve been using bonus clues for the Carl Perkins Center, and we’ve raised nearly 3,000 canned goods for the Carl Perkins Center here in town,” Barnhart said.

For everyone involved, the prizes are nice, but getting in the holiday spirit is more important.

“It’s fun meeting new people because I’ve met people here that I have never met before here, and it’s just fun,” Mays said.

“It’s spreading out, and that’s what makes everyone else feel good. I’m not really worried about myself, just seeing everyone else smile,” Barnhart said.

Barnhart says the final prize will be worth around $1,500, and it will also be one of the hardest puzzles yet.

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